Homeowners Insurance Discounts

The 10 Biggest Discounts

  • New home construction
  • Age of home (5-10 years or less)
  • Home and auto bundle
  • Significant series of upgrades (electrical, heating, plumbing)
  • Construction type (fire, hurricane, or earthquake resistant)
  • Roof upgrade
  • Advance purchase
  • Loyalty ( 5-10 years or more)
  • Paid in Full
CompanyTypeAverage discount
New HomeNew Construction Recently Purchased40%
Age of home5 Years Old26%
BundleHome And Auto18%
UpgradesElectrical, plumbing, heating done at once or over recent short period of time13%
Age of home10 Years Old13%
Construction typeFire Resistive11%
Construction typeSuperior11%
UpgradesRoof Upgrade11%
Advance Purchase10+ Days Advance Purchase9%
Advance Purchase7 Days Advance Purchase8%
Loyalty10+ Years Renewal8%
Construction typeMasonry7%
Construction typeFrame - To 66% Masonry Veneer6%
Construction typeFrame - Over 66% Masonry Veneer6%
Paid in FullPaid in Full6%
Loyalty5 Years Renewal6%
Claims Free5 Year Claims Free5%
Claims Free10+ Year Claims Free5%
Hail Resitant RoofHail Resistant Roof5%
Loyalty3 Years Renewal5%
Construction typeAsbestos/Stucco4%
Fire AlarmCentral Station4%
Fire AlarmFire Department4%
Gated CommunityWith Patrol4%
BundleHome and Umbrella4%
BundleHome and Life4%
Burglar AlarmPolice Department4%
Burglar AlarmCentral Station4%
Age of home15 Years Old4%
Water Safety SystemWater Leak Detection - Shut Off And Alarm4%
Water Safety SystemWater Leak Detection - Shut Off3%
UpgradesElectrical Upgrade3%
Gated CommunityWithout Patrol3%
Water Safety SystemWater Leak Detection - Alarm3%
Automatic paymentsElectronic Fund Transfer3%
UpgradesPlumbing Upgrade2%
Construction typeFrame - To 33% Masonry Veneer2%
Burglar AlarmLocal2%
UpgradesHeating Upgrade2%
Fire AlarmLocal2%
Age of home20 Years Old2%
Smoke DetectorSmoke Detector2%
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher2%
Storm ShutterStorm Shutters1%