There are many ways to exit your business, and there are ways to optimize between multiple strategies and get even more bites of the apple pie.

Owner operator exit paths

Diagnostics & Valuation

Diagnostics, are the perfect way to find out exactly how far away you are from being Exit Ready.

Unfortunately, we often find owners are 3 years farther away from being ready than they hoped. The 6 months of getting ready, and 6 months of sale turn into 4 really quick.

But, if we start 5 -10 years before you are wanting to sell, then you can be ready to exit on your terms.  All while benefiting from a more profitable business.

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Owner Transition Plans

What are you going to do after that first 3 months of retirement?

You know your going to get board... right?

Planning for your personal life after exit is just as important as all the other pieces.


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Family Enterprise Creation

Do you want a single family business, or a family enterprise that owns multiple businesses?
Do you just want to pass down wealth... or a structure for creating wealth?

What if you could also prepare the family for wealth?