Imagine having all your most precious information: estate plans, documents, photos, letters, videos, and family history…  all organized, simplified, and always available. Private, and protected from fire, flood, theft, decay, the passage of time, and the world.

We will digitize everything with elite level security, to be stored in multiple copies on servers in diversified places. Accessible from your secured digital device, anywhere you are in the world. This is really great protection for those what if events: 

  • If you get hurt on vacation, and need medical documents
  • If you have a fire at your home
  • If your computer becomes corrupted
  • If the more financially involved spouse gets hospitalized, or dies

We will also want to gather some information into clear instructions; in case you are incapacitated, disabled, or end up dead.
We don’t want to leave the burden of finding everything and making hard deception on your loved ones, especially when they are going through it all.

My Life: contact information, logins, passwords, pet info, friends, vehicles (and their maintenance and issues)

House: mortgage, deed, insurance, utilities, maids, gardeners, regular and required maintenance

Health: doctors, visiting nurse, medicine, pharmacy, therapy, illnesses

Financial: bills, accounts, insurance, advisors, along with the location of all relevant documents

Legal: attorney, power of attorney, guardians, will, living will, executor

After I’m Gone: funeral arrangements, donations, thoughts and legacies, disposition of minor items not in the will (furniture, artwork, collections, etc.).