What do we mean by female friendly?

I know some of you just though “UGH!” … and you are absolutely right.
I cringe when I hear other people say it.
It is usually like they stole the words, but did not even look at the philosophy.

Financial products should be the same for any individual.  Anyone that is making an investment or insurance product for your gender… is probably trying to rip you off. The sometimes very real, “pink-tax”.
Pink-washing is also a horrible problem in our industry, and I am upset about it too.  Almost every “financial literacy subject” should be for any individual.  These people are often well meaning, but simply uneducated, unaware.  Most are not willing to deeply listen to what people really want, let alone put in years of study to try to see through the individuals eyes.

They insult people by “dumbing things down” instead of just simplifying it.  Then the same people that insulted you make themselves feel better by using technical jargon than no one in their right minds would use… great.   Introducing more (unnecessary) complexity doesn’t help people manage and deal with complexity.

Its very frustrating, when you see intelligent individuals spoken down to because they are women.  Or because of their color of their skin.  It must be insanely frustrating to be on the receiving end.

All I can say is, I am embarrassed by the industry… and that is not how we are.

Everyone deserves to be treated as an individual, not just a part of a group. Everyone deserves to start off with respect and basic human decency.  We know that most knowledge about finances is about specific situations, and does not need to be “gendered”. We will always speak straight, clear, and honest.

While the movement is called female friendly, what we are promoting is gender balanced ways of looking at finance.

 The ways we love working with women.

  • Financial security – the ability to take care of friends, family, special causes.
  • Goals-based planning – long-term, big picture look at needs, wants.
  • Values-based planning – long-term look at the values and principles a person live by and often creating Legacy Letters & Ethical Wills.
  • Education – Many women (and a few men 😉 ) are able to admit what they do not know, and what their worries are. This leads to an excellent opportunity for growth, learning, and a significant reduction in stress as knowledge increases.
  • Coaching – Women often have; less confidence, but not less skill in money management. Coaching can help reduce or eliminate stress.
  • Accountability – Life is busy. We remind you of the really important things, and try to make it as easy and simple as possible.
  • Careers Advancement – We all need a little nudge sometimes to go for promotions and speak up for ourselves.  We help you negotiate to your goal, in a more collaborative way. 
  • Women often make more thoughtful decisions about large purchases. This often requires more communication, better relationships, better adherence to values, and a longer time for reviewing the facts before making a final decision.
  • Long Term Performance – women often want slow and steady investing. Often, this is to preserve the value of the principal invested. This usually reduces trading, leading to fewer fees/more profits in the long term.

What we think many women want: A nurturing advisor that genuinely cares about her and her family.

  • An advisor that really listens, who understand the importance of hearing more than just facts.
  • An advisor that has the heart of a teacher, that loves learning and seeing clients grow.
  • An advisor that does not make assumptions about financial knowledge or personal choices.
  • An advisory that understand that women and men being wired different is a asset.
  • An ongoing relationship with an objective advisor, that is invested in their success.
  • To be treated with the respect and understanding, that they are the final decision maker.
  • To know the options, relevant information, and have the time to think about decisions.
  • Want to be treated, as the equal partner they are, in the financial planning process.

        We want to help women empower themselves. By educating, informing, and offering objective advice, we want clients to be comfortable around money and confident about their choices. Financial Planning is about more than math and money. It is about your life, your lifestyle, and your legacy. Life is a series of trade-offs, unfortunately, very often either-or. But financial planning can help you trade off the things not that important to you, for the things that are of great importance. It is about increasing security, safety, and satisfaction. It’s not about money… it is about that great family vacation…your child’s education…enjoying retirement…reducing worry and anxiety… it is about making the most of your life.

    We are always eager to learn… please share any insights, thoughts with us.