Flat Fee Personal Financial Advisor

Don't pay twice for financial advice.

The less you pay in fees on your investment accounts, the more you keep.  With investment advisers, retirement planners, brokers, custodians, fund managers and Uncle Sam all trying to get their piece... most investors end up significantly overpaying.

We don't punish people for having more assets, and we don't exclude people for not having enough assets. We do have minimum fees for different services, they also are usually our maximum fees for those same services. We believe people should pay fairly for a service, but no more unless they use more services.

If instead of the average 10X, you end up getting 100X the value from our services, we aren't jealous - we celebrate with you.

All 3 Services For 1 Simple Price.

Black Swan Total Wealth Oversight
& AUA Investment Management

Modular Financial Life Planning
Retirement Advice & Planning

Financial Health Monitoring™
Personal Financial Health Elements

  • Our fee is not based on the value of your assets
  • No commissions, No products
  • No minimum assets, net worth, or income
  • Oversight on all your assets, not just securities
    (timber, farm, real estate, websites, digital assets, ect.)
  • We use low cost/ high value funds to save you even more
    (e.g. ETFs from VanguardDimensional Fund Advisors (DFA Funds) and iShares for retirement accumulators)
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Tax Informed Asset Location and Portfolio Positioning
  • Tax Efficient Rebalancing
  • Fixed annual fee converted into a monthly payment plan for free
  • Ongoing professional advice, monitoring, and planning

Pure Personal Advice for $500 a month.