On aligning your money with your ideal life…

“We help people deal with every side of their money (and resources): emotional, mental, relational, and technical.  Together, we align your time, money, energy, and skills with your values, intentions, and goals.  That may start off with either Financial Counseling, Coaching, or Planning; but it ends up as Financial Doing.  Knowledge is not power, it is only the potential for power.  It must be applied to have any real value.  Wise action towards your better life is real power.”  Daniel L. Bishop

What Makes Us Completely Different?

We are Professional Comprehensive Financial Planners, who offer Partnership. 
It is the only thing we do, the only thing we sell. 
That Partnership includes Financial Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting… 
but perhaps more importantly, it includes; friendly collaboration, compassion, and clarity.  
We do not sell products.
We do not “gather assets”.
We do not have a minimum for AUM, because we don’t charge AUM Fees.
We do not throw advice or prescriptions at you.
We do not talk down to you, we know you are not stupid.

People come first.
Next, our Profession, Philosophy, and Planning. 
Only then, do we help you find the right Commission-Free financial products… if, you even need them.

 We are professional, Advice-Only financial advisors offering real financial planning; we do not hire product salespeople, brokers, or asset hoarders. We don’t just meet industry expectations, we blow them out of the water. We are continuously raising the ethical, technical, and human bars for advice. We are not just Fee-Only, we are Advice-Only.  We are not just fiduciaries, we are Flat-Fee, Private Fiduciaries– that means we become 100% committed to your family, 100% of the time.

We believe that successful, hard working families should have access to the same types of advanced financial advice and planning that Family Offices offer to clients with a net worth over 30 million. That’s why our process is designed for you; to get exactly what you want and need, without paying for everything you don’t.  That is just the start of what makes Black Swan Advisors fundamentally different.

The Simple, Succinct Summary:

We only get paid flat-fees, by our clients: for Planning, Advice, Accountability & Oversight. 
Our ideal clients are successful families, who are committed to pursuing financial & life well-being
We only accept 50 clients per advisor; so that, we can give the service our clients deserve. 
Giving you the right type of advice, at the right time, in the right amount.
Our ideal client service is simple: planning, coordination, oversight, and protection of your entire financial life. 

We Work With You

We offer access to the entire Continuum of Financial Advice, and the full Spectrum of Financial Planning. There is a lot more to your financial life than just money, taxes, and numbers.

We Value You

A person’s value is not just measured by their net worth. We charge flat fees, not a % of anything. That allows us to work with people in complicated and nontraditional situations.

Objective Perspective

People should always expect, and get, the whole truth. We are fiduciaries, 100% of the time.
From what don’t do, to how we get paid; it’s all about giving real advice- aligned to your life and your values.

Financial Roadmap

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. We’ll use plain English and simple graphics to explain it all. Our clients love their simple, tailored Financial Roadmaps.


We shed light on all the fees you pay, who it is going to, and what you are paying for. You should always get the whole truth about your money. We are your private fiduciary, 100% of the time.